Good-Faith Recruiting and Job Listing

As required by action oriented programs and demonstrated good-faith efforts, government contractor's are obligated by law to list all active job openings with the local State Employment Service, and other "meaningful" referral sources which are likely refer qualified minorities, females, veterans, and individuals with disabilities for open positions.  Over the last decade and in efforts on-going, DHRD has built an extensive network of good-faith recruitment sources designed to assist these efforts and be partners in our proprietary job listing system.  DHRD has built this service to functionally extract job opening information from our clients, and communicate the available information to this network of good-faith referral sources so to create tangible, meaningful, and compliant efforts.  Our methodology has proven to be one of the most innovative, cost effective, and compliant systems available to contractors. This system offers direct benefits to corporate recruiters and HR Managers by relieving all administrative time obligated for actually researching and developing referral source relationships, manually posting the positions to the State Employment Service job boards and other recruiting boards, and documenting the efforts as required in the Affirmative Action Program management.

Is all that worth $25/posting for your team?  What else can be accomplished in the time spent on this one particular requirement?  Are your ongoing efforts going to produce the same results of a tenured and focused effort such as ours? We believe this to be one of the most fundamental principles of Affirmative Action.  It is imperative to get this part right, else the entire program has little traction.