Complaint Investigations and Resolutions

It is often beneficial to retain an outside firm to investigate internal employee complaints or to investigate complaints filed directly with the OFCCP, EEOC, or a State Human Rights Agency.  Dyas Human Resource Development (Dyas HRD) provides complaint investigation services and provides input on resolutions based on current OFCCP policies and guidance. Our goal is to provide your company with a plan of early internal intervention by implementing strategic planning, formal complaint procedures, and a straightforward investigative process that will save your company time and money.  This straightforward approach provides employees the reassurance that the employer takes complaints seriously and that their complaint will be handled professionally and promptly, which can reduce the number of complaints that involve outside government agency involvement. 

We are highly trained and experienced in conducting non-biased complaint investigations that include a written onsite plan and follow-up investigative report with recommendations for corrective action. Sound investigative procedures and an experienced investigator allow for any issues to be revealed and corrected, which in turn allows your company to retain valued employees and helps foster a well-motivated and productive workforce.