What additional information is requested recently by the OFCCP?
[Posted 8/16/2012]  

What Additional Information Has Been Requested Recently by the OFCCP?
Always keep in mind that it depends where in the United States you are located, because each office requests different information.  As a matter of fact, you can have different requests within the same office depending on the compliance officer conducting the review.

It has become common practice for contractors to receive a follow-up letter or email requesting additional information as part of the desk audit review.  This may include a request for the following:

1.FMLA policy or maternity leave policy
2.List of any employees who requested maternity leave, date leave started and ended, job title prior to and upon return from leave, and pay prior to and upon return
3.List of religious accommodation requests and results of such requests.  Policy on national origin and religion.
4.List of disability accommodation request and results of such requests
5.List of recruiting/outreach sources with contact information (specifically identifying veteran and disability outreach documentation)
6.Past two years VETS-100/VETS-100A reports
7.Additional information regarding compensation:
a.Time in current job title
b.Original hire date
c.Performance evaluation information for the past three years
d.Department, including department supervisor
e.Shift differential, if applicable
f.Part-time/full-time status, and if part time, how many hours worked
g.Location where the employee works
i.Education and previous related experience
j.Certifications, if applicable
k.Exempt/non-exempt status
8.Reasons for termination (including all terminations, voluntary and involuntary) many times asking for termination policy and procedures
9.Copy of job application 
10.Copy of self-identification form for race/ethnicity and gender pre-offer, and copy of post- offer self identification for veteran and disability status
11Copy of job advertisements/job postings, checking for EEO Tag line
12.Proof that all jobs were posted with the local state employment centers